Outdoor Residential (Mosquito) Misting Systems

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The United States Environmental Protection Agency's webpage fact sheet on outdoor residential misting systems, also known as mosquito misting systems, will help consumers decide if residential pesticide misting systems are appropriate for their home, understand safety precautions for using outdoor misting systems, find related information on a variety of methods for mosquito control, and understand the role of the EPA and state agencies in regulating misters.

EPA developed this fact sheet because an increasing number of households have purchased timed-release outdoor residential misting systems to control mosquitoes and other insects around the home. However, advertisers, the media, and other sources sometimes provide information about misting systems that is difficult to understand or might conflict with other information. The webpage  fact sheet describes outdoor residential misting systems and discusses the pesticides used in the systems, their safety and effectiveness, and the regulatory authority of EPA and state governments regarding misting systems. The Outdoor Residential Misting Systems fact sheet is available on the United States Environmental Protection Agency's website.