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  • How can I avoid exposure?

  • What do I do if exposed to a mosquito pesticide?

  • How will I be notified of the adult mosquito spraying?

  • How is Ground Adulticiding done?

  • How is Ground Larvacidal done?

  • Is Biological Control currently used?

  • What is Water Management?

  • How is Surveillance done?

  • What about the big problem areas?

  • What other measures can you take?

  • What can you do around the house to help?

  • What control efforts are used in Somerset County?

  • What type of viruses do mosquitoes cause in animals?

  • What type of viruses do mosquitoes cause in humans?

  • How many different kinds of mosquitoes are in New Jersey?

  • What is the life cycle of mosquitoes?

  • What kind of equipment is used for mosquito control in Somerset County?

  • How long has Somerset County controlled mosquitoes?

  • What does Somerset County Mosquito Control do?