Planning Board

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The mission of the Somerset County Planning Board is to positively influence the process of growth and change in the County so that it provides the optimum living and working environment for our residents and employers, builds balanced communities, promotes regional awareness and cooperation, protects the natural environment and preserves our rich history, farmland and natural beauty.

2020  Somerset County Planning Board Members

Bernard V.  Navatto, Jr.,  Chairman
Christopher Kelly, Vice-Chairman
Albert Ellis 
John Schneider 
John Lindner
Jeffrey A. Wright, Sr.
Shanel Y. Robinson, Freeholder Director
Sara Sooy,  Freeholder Deputy Director/ Liaison
Matthew D. Loper, County Engineer/Board Secretary
William Ziegler, 1st Alternate
Erika J. Inocencio, 2nd Alternate
Adam Slutsky, County Engineer Alternate  
Joseph DeMarco, Esq., Deputy County Counsel for Planning

2020 Somerset County Planning Division Staff

Walter Lane, AICP/PP- Director of Planning
Anthony McCracken, AICP/PP- Assistant Director of Planning
Thomas D'Amico, AICP/PP-Supervising Planner
Laurette Kratina, AICP/PP- Chief of Strategic Planning
Kenneth Wedeen, AICP/PP - Supervising Transportation Planner
James Ruggieri, AICP/PP - Principal Community Planner
Andras Holzmann, AICP/PP - Senior Planner
Aarthy Sabesan, Senior Planner- GIS
Christina Tricarico, Planner - GIS Specialist
Andrew Phillips -GIS Draftsperon
Katelyn A. Katzer-Principal Planner
Nora Fekete - Planner
Kaitlin Bundy- Manager, Cultural and Heritage
Natalie Zaman - Programs Coordinator 
Robert Meyer-Special Projects Assistant
Cynthia Mellusi - Office Manager
Patrice Brown - Administrative Assistant
Catherine Bunting - Administrative Assistant