2020 Census

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2020 Census

Now is the Time to Be Counted!

The 2020 Census can be completed quickly and easily from the safety and comfort of your home online, over the phone, or by mail.  Residents can go to www.my2020Census.gov to access the questionnaire online or complte the questionnaire by phone in 12 different languages by calling the language-specific toll-free numbers available on the Census website.  A new Census Bureau resource is available which encourages census partners to challenge themselves and others to promote census 2020 with the goal to surpass their 2010 self-response rates.  The resource toolkit is  found by clicking on the PDF below.

2020 Response Rate Toolkit

Somerset County Census Videos

Please take a minute to watch the recently released Somerset County Census videos on the County's YouTube Channel.  Videos are available in the following languages:  English, Spanish, Gujarati, Mandarin and Hindi.






Fact Sheets

Below are fact sheets that county residents can read online and or download.

Fact Sheet About How Census Invites Everyone Spanish

Workbook on How Hispanic and Latino Residents Can Participate in the 2020 Census

Fact Sheet for Complex or Multigenerational Household

Fact Sheet on How Homeless or Temporarily Displaced Persons Will be Counted

Fact Sheet on How persons in Group Housing will be Counted

Fact Sheet on How Civic Organizations can Promote the 2020 Census

Fact Sheet for Hispanic Partners

Fact Sheet Fact Sheet for Hispanic Audiences

Why the Census is Important

The Decennial Census is a leading source of quality data about the nation's people, places, housing and economy.  The results are disseminated to and used by government agencies at all jurisdictional levels, public, private and non-profit entities and individuals and academic institutions for informing planning, investment, policy, resource allocation and other types of decisions.  The United States' representative-based democracy is based on population counts derived from the Census.  The Census used to facilitate the equitable distribution of public funds.  It also helps us see how the United States and its communities are changing.

 Learn About the Decennial Census

How to Access Decennial Census Data

Census data sources are protected by law.  Personal information like names and addresses cannot be released for 70 years.  Data is presented in summary fashion at different geographical levels ranging in size from the smallest Census Block level geography, to municipal, state and national levels.  The Decennial Census includes information on Age, Hispanic or Latino Origin, Household Relationship, Race, Sex, Housing Tenure and Vacancy and much more.  Access to Census data through the internet has been provided by the United States Census Bureau visit the following link;

American Fact Finder

2020 Census Preparation

Why a Complete Count is Important

Preparations are underway for the 2020 Census.  The Census Bureau developed a 2020 Census Operational Plan, which describes the activities that have taken place, are underway or upcoming with regard to completing the 2020 Decennial Census process.

2020 Census Operational Plan

Somerset County Complete Count Committee

September 19, 2019 Kick-off Meeting Materials

January 30, 2020 Meeting Materials

February 14, 2020 Meeting Materials


Local Community Involvement

Municipalities can get involved in promoting a complete count by establishing a local complete count committee, and by joining the Countywide Complete County Committee to be established by the County Planning Board in 2019.  "Census in Schools" resources and other downloadable Census 2020 promotional materials and social media resources will become available later this year and through April 2019.

Become a 2020 Census Partner

Complete Count Committees

Faith-based Partners Resources

Group Quarter Partners Resources

Census 2020 Employment Opportunities

Current job openings are available and employment opportunities of variable duration will be increasing in the months ahead.  Visit the 2020 Census Jobs webpage regularly for updates and to apply on-line.

2020 Census Jobs

Census Data

The U.S. Bureau of the Census established an on-line "American FactFinder" search engine through which the public can obtain data from the decennial census and the American Community Survey (one- and five- year summary data).  The Somerset County Planning Division is also a resource for obtaining Census and other data. 

American FactFinder