Main Street Safety Improvements in Manville

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Main Street, CR 533, Local Safety Improvements, From Dukes Parkway to Kennedy Blvd., Borough of Manville

Project Description

Somerset County has been awarded a $3 million dollar grant to implement safety measures along Main Street, County Route 533, in Manville Borough..  The grant will utilize Federal Aid funding from fiscal years 2016 and 2017 to provide engineering design  and construction for improvements to pedestrian and vehicular safety. The funding is being provided through the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority’s (NJTPA) Local Safety Program.

Main Street (CR 533) is a heavily traveled north-south urban minor arterial connecting the southern Somerset County municipalities with NJ Route 22 to the north. This is a busy commercial corridor including small business, two malls with large parking lots and municipal offices. The project’s corridor is 1.5 miles and includes 15 intersections beginning at Dukes Parkway (CR 608) to the north and ending at JF Kennedy Boulevard to the south.. The cross section of the roadway varies between two and five lanes with parking on both sides in many sections of the corridor. Six of the intersections are signalized.

A road safety audit (RSA) was performed along this corridor in April of 2015 by a team organized by the Transportation Safety Resource Center (TRSC) at the Rutgers’ Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT).  , the emphasis during the RSA was on the issues facing pedestrians and improvements for their safety. In addition to pedestrian issues there also was a concern with safety at intersections as the study found a significant number of left turn crashes, speeding and difficulty with lane delineation.

The RSA provided recommendations included two areas of the project to be considered for implementation of a ‘road diet’. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) describes a ‘road diet’ as “converting an undivided four lane roadway into three lanes made up of two through lanes and a center two-way left turn lane.”  (More information on ‘road diets’ can be found at the FHWA webpage.)  New lane striping, between Dukes Parkway and Brooks Blvd. AND Roosevelt Avenue and Kennedy Blvd., would provide center left turn lanes at driveways and side street intersections. These measures would improve intersection sight distance by converting the outside travel lane to a shoulder as well as aid pedestrian crossing by reducing the number of lanes and cross walk distance.  Per the FHWA Proven Safety Countermeasures, a 29 percent reduction in all roadway crashes is anticipated.

Other recommendations to improve pedestrian safety throughout the project area are the addition of pedestrian refuge islands, bulb outs in shoulders, and new cross walk locations and alignments. Traffic signal timings will be evaluated for pedestrian crossing time and lighting will be investigated to see if it is adequate.

The goals of the proposed improvements to Main Street are to have the road better serve all users of the roadway: providing shoulders that can be used by cyclists and upgrading pedestrian facilities to current standards including new ADA compatible sidewalk ramps,.  The pedestrian improvements will help to connect the larger commercial sites along the corridor to the business district and residential neighborhoods to further promote pedestrian use along the corridor.

Project Documents

Map View of Project Area

NJTPA Announcement

Main Street/CR 533, Manville, Road Safety Audit Report

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