Teen Arts Program

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The Somerset County Teen Arts Program is a participatory Arts-in-Education Program coordinated by the Somerset County Cultural & Heritage Commission. Each year approximately 1,300 students, teachers and guests gather at Raritan Valley Community College to celebrate the arts at the Somerset County Teen Arts Festival. Open to all students who attend school in Somerset County, ages 13-19, this daylong event provides a forum in which students can showcase their talents. 

Students exhibit works of visual art, present theatrical scenes, perform dance, vocal and instrumental music, and present original film and creative writing works. Having worked diligently at perfecting their art forms, all student performers receive sensitive feedback, in the form of oral critiques, for the benefit of all students attending. Personal written critiques, geared toward encouraging students to develop their potential, are also received. All critiques are offered from respected professional artists in their particular fields of expertise. 

Students are given the opportunity to participate in creative arts workshops and master classes, providing them with additional opportunities to fine-tune their chosen art form or to explore a myriad of other forms as well. 

The Somerset County Teen Arts Program encourages students to utilize some of their spare time in a very creative and positive way. The pride, self-esteem and sense of accomplishment that teenagers gain in the process are essential attributes as they grow into productive and responsible adults. 

For additional information regarding the Teen Arts Festival, please contact:

Kaitlin Bundy, Program Coordinator
Somerset County
Cultural & Heritage Commission
(908) 231-7000 x7246

2019 Somerset County Teen Arts Program

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