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2019 CHPP Re-Grant Organizations

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2019 County History Partnership Program Grant Re-Grantees:

  • Borough of South Bound Brook

    Grant funding helps support the design and implementation of an exterior kiosk to be placed near the barn foundations of the Abraham Staats House. The kiosk will provide information about the original barn, agricultural practices, and other outbuildings of the Abraham Staats plantation as well as life in the 18th and 19th centuries through text and images. Visitors will also be able to access an audio link to listen to the information, increasing public accessibility to New Jersey and local history in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
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  • Bound Brook Revitalization Partnership

    Grant funding supports the hiring of professional historic interpreters to enhance the downtown Bound Brook historic site walking tour accompanying the April 13, 2019 Battle of Bound Brook reenactment. Adding a greater degree of authenticity with professional actors imparting historical information significantly enhances attendee experiences and helps boost public awareness of the important role played by the Battle of Bound Brook in the fight for American independence, as well as Bound Brook's stature as a significant contributor to Somerset County and New Jersey history.
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  • Friends of the Abraham Staats House

    Funding helps expand the interpretation of the Staats family household and explore the many connections to local, state and national history through exhibits, programming and social media. Grant funding also supports the design and implementation of an exhibit which would focus on the lives of the Staats family who lived in the home for nearly two centuries, as well as others who stayed at the homestead.
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  • Friends of the Kennedy Martin Stelle Farmstead

    Funding supports the creation of interpretive, informative museum display panels detailing the ownership, architectural and historical stories that comprise the 300-year history of the Kennedy Martin Stelle Farmstead. Each panel (or series of panels) would provide details and tell a story about aspects of the Farmstead's history and would include photos, text and maps. The portable nature of the panels will facilitate outreach programs to local schools, community organizations and senior centers.
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  • Heritage Trail Association

    Funding supported a scholarly symposium celebrating the 240th Anniversary of the winter cantonment of George Washington's Continental Army at Middlebrook in 1778-79. On Saturday, June 18, 2019, The Heritage Trail Association hosted the day-long program at the Bridgewater Township Municipal Complex which is ADA compliant. Seven speakers provided an overview of the cantonment and the several unique developments and events that make Middlebrook one of the three major cantonments in our tristate region.
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  • Historical Society of the Somerset Hills

    Grant funding supported the replacement of two museum display cases on the main floor of the Historical Society's headquarters at the Brick Academy in Basking Ridge. The display cases are essential to the mission of conserving and sharing local artifacts and information on matters of local historical interest. THSSH serves all members of the community from elementary school children to seniors.
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  • The Somerset County Historical Society

    Grant funding supports the Society's expanding programming outreach, the continuing effort to address ADA issues and to continue to process archival collections and make them available to the public through their research library. Funding also helps cover program and speaker fees, outreach, and preservation and processing of the archival collections.
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  • Somerset County Office On Aging & Disability Services

    Funding supports a series of ten interactive historical education programs conducted by three historians at six senior centers throughout the county. The presentations provide authentic and entertaining experiences involving historically-based character portrayals, historical photographs and storytelling of New Jersey's diverse and evolving history. Senior Centers provide programs for people ages 60 and above, especially low-income and minority individuals including those with physical disabilities within this age cohort.
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