The Somerset County Department of Health  is the lead agency responsible for countywide Public Health emergency planning and response activities.

  • The Somerset County Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Team works to promote planning, training and coordination between public and private sector agencies to protect the health of the community during natural or manmade emergency situations.
  • SCDOH facilitates public/private partnerships to participate in community health assessments and works to identify and address population based health issues affecting Somerset County. 

Somerset County Department of Health can provide presentations regarding personal preparedness to community members, organizations, and businesses within our contract towns.  If you are interested, please contact us.  

Emergency Communications

Additionally, SCDOH serves as the LINCS agency for the County, connecting individuals and organizations with pertinent information related to disease outbreaks, food recalls, and pertinent health information.  


Interested in volunteering?  Read more information about the Civilian Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) and find out how you can help during a disaster.  

My Family Emergency Guide

Download and print the resources below to build your own Family Emergency Guide!

  1.  Emergency Contact Card
  2.  5 Steps to Coping
  3.  Cleaning Up the House
  4. Protecting Yourself During Clean Up
  5. Food Safety 
  6.  Sheltering Information