New Jersey’s governmental public health system is in the process of being modernized to ensure the highest level of local health department practice and performance. 

To support this process, new regulations for public health were developed and, in February 2003, the Public Health Practice Standards of Performance for Local Boards of Health in New Jersey (NJAC 8:52) were adopted.
The potential benefits of the new regulations are:

  • Improved health and a healthier population
  • Improved identification and handling 
    of emergencies and disasters
  • Improved data collection and analysis, leading to better decision making
  • Increased ability to focus resources, target areas of need and  develop justifications for additional funding
  • Increased capacity to partner with private and nonprofit health  systems to leverage resources
  • Greater statewide capacity and infrastructure to strengthen all local programs.

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  • Boards of Health in NJ
  • Performance Evaluation of Local Health Departments
  • Community Health Improvement Plans 

Public Health Practice Standards for Local Boards of Health in NJ 
(NJAC 8:52)