Office of Operations & Planning

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Michael J. Frost,  Director
Robert J. Woodward,  Administrator of Contract and Fiscal Operations
Johanna Moore,  Planning Administrator
Megan Isbitski, Mental Health Administrator/AFN Coordinator
Ivana Pareja,  Addiction Services Director/IDRC Director

Phone:      908-704-6300

    • Coordinates and facilitates planning, program development, resource allocation and evaluation for the provision of services and programs that work to address economic self- sufficiency and promote the social well-being of county residents
    • Provides operational support for Department Director and other Human Services divisions.
    • Facilitates planning functions conducted through the efforts of:
    • IDRC:  Administers the Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center (IDRC). To contact IDRC please all 908-704-6304. (Fax: 908-704-1629)