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Options for Men and Women is an Individual Domestic Violence Assessment and 6 month psycho-educational group provided for those seeking to end abuse to their partners. We offer:

Relationship Empowerment & Services

Is a gender-specific, psychoeducational program to stop and prevent domestic violence in relationships. The program is available to individuals that are self-referred or court ordered, with a willingness to commit to growth and change.

Assessment and Referral

  • Individual assessment
  • Intervention recommendation and referral

Batterer Intervention

  • Twenty-six (26) week domestic violence group program with random drug screening

 Service Coordination

  • With the courts and other agencies

 Adjunctive Services

  • Individual therapy for other mental health and substance abuse issues,  relapse prevention services, medication evaluation

In Case of a Psychiatric Emergency
Please contact Psychiatric Emergency Screening Services (Bridgeway PESS) at 908-526-4100.
This service can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.