Medication Clinic

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The purpose of the Medication Clinic is to provide psychiatric services to individuals through person-centered care. Our multidisciplinary staff includes  licensed, board certified/board eligible psychiatrists, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, advanced psychiatric nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and case managers.

Education, support, and referrals are done with the assistance of a case manager and our nursing staff. Samples of brand-name medications can be dispensed if they are available for a brief period of time. Medication Clinic staff will provide assistance in obtaining Medicaid/Medicare coverage or pharmaceutical company assistance for eligible individuals. The Medication Clinic works in collaboration with other center clinicians and staff to provide you with the most effective care possible in an outpatient setting. For those leaving inpatient treatment, a priority medication evaluation appointment is provided to assure timely continuation of care. Services are available for children and adults.

Services Provided

  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation (to children, adolescence, adult, and older adult) to determined whether an individual is presenting with a psychiatric illness and if so, to establish a diagnosis and best course of treatment
  • Medication management to provide psychopharmacological intervention when applicable and monitor the effectiveness of medication, risk benefits, side effects, and alternative interventions
  • Medication assistance to those individuals who are uninsured and are not able to pay for medications, through patient assisted programs
  • Referral for treatment from state or county psychiatric hospitals, short term care facilities, jails, and local and community mental health programs
  • Acute psychiatric services to individuals who are at risk of hospitalization through collaboration with the Psychiatric Emergency Screening Service
  • Continuation of clinic services to individuals who have been recently discharged from an inpatient facility to ensure the continuity of care
  • Health and nutritional screening and assessment to all individuals who are receiving medication treatment.  Providing services to those with a co-occurring mental health/substance use disorder through medication assisted treatment
  • Psychiatric services and monitoring of those services to those individuals who are on an outpatient commitment status for psychiatric treatment

 If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us at: 908-253-3165 or toll free 1-888-744-4417.

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 Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I schedule an evening appointment?

    All of our initial evaluations are scheduled during the day to ensure adequate staffing and resources. Regular follow-up appointments may be scheduled in the evening.

  • Do I have right to refuse medication?

    Yes. However, for many conditions, psychotherapy is often combined with medications for the most effective treatment outcomes.

  • Do you prescribe Methadone?

    No. We are not a Methadone registered clinic.

  • Do you prescribe Suboxone?

    No. Most of our clients who are in the dual recovery program receive Suboxone through their primary care physicians.

  • Do you provide detox?

    No. If detox is indicated at the initial assessment, the clinician will make an appropriate referral to an inpatient facility that provides detox.

  • Do you provide free medications?

    No. We do not provide free medications, but assist clients by providing a limited supply of sample medications until individuals receive services through charity organizations, State Medicaid or a Pharmacy Assistance Program.

  • Do you provide free physicals?

    No. We refer individual to low cost or charity clinics.

  • Do you provide medication assisted treatment for substance use disorders?

    Yes. On select individuals and on a case by case basis.

  • Do you treat individuals with co-occurring mental health/substance use disorders?

    Yes. Our dual recovery intensive outpatient treatment is designed to meet their needs.

  • What is a psychiatric evaluation?

    A psychiatric evaluation is a structured clinical interview based on principles of medicine and psychiatry. The goal is to determine the right level of care. Psychiatric evaluations can take between 60 to 90 minutes for an adult and between 90 to 120 minutes for adolescence and children.