Advanced Station House Adjustment

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The intent of Advanced Station House Adjustment (ASHA) is to provide an immediate consequence of community service to youth who have committed a Disorderly Person (DP) offense, Petty Disorderly Persons (PDP) offense, or who have been charged with an offense in the municipal court, and who have previously participated in a Station House Adjustment; with the goal of discouraging youth from re-offending and progressing further into the juvenile justice system. The program offers Somerset County Police Departments and the Municipal Courts the opportunity to implement a community service program for these offenders. In addition, the program identifies and addresses the needs of the youth and his/her family in an effort to reduce the number of youth entering the juvenile court system.

Youth are referred to the Station House Adjustment Program at Middle Earth by local police departments. After an initial screening, the Station House Adjustment Program Coordinator at Middle Earth will determine whether to forward the referral to the office of Juvenile Institutional Services’ Advanced Station House Adjustment program.

To make a referral, contact Middle Earth at 908-722-9908 .

For more information about the ASHA program, contact Monica Mulligan at 908-704-6326 or