Advanced House Arrest

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The Advanced House Arrest Program (AHA) in Somerset County was established in 2011 by Somerset County Juvenile Institutional Services in cooperation with the County Council for Juvenile Justice System Improvement as an alternative to secure detention for use by the Family Court of this county. 

AHA is designed to be a step above House Arrest and a step below Home Detention for lower risk youth between the ages of 12 – 18 who are pending disposition of their juvenile court matters. All referrals to this program come from the Family Court. This community-based alternative is designed to provide increased supervision through the use of program staff supervision and a voice recognition system that works through the phone line which verifies a youth is in the home as per the order of the court. This program allows lower risk juveniles the opportunity through the court to be placed back in the community in a safe manner.

Youth will complete this program within the pre-dispositional period (up to 60 days, or at the discretion of the court).

For more information contact the Juvenile Case Manager at 908-541-5722 or