Social Security

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Most people think of Social Security as a retirement benefit.  However, Social Security extends to people living with disabilities, survivors of deceased workers, child dependents, and widows/widowers.

While applying for Social Security, you can also receive help applying for your Medicare benefit. While Medicare is a separate benefit, both Medicare and Social Security are designed to help people meet the challenges of their senior years.

Note: Medicare advises that people apply for coverage three months prior to turning age 65 to ensure coverage in your birthday month. If you delay you may face higher Medicare premiums for the rest of your life (10% higher for Part B for every 12 months that you could have had coverage but did not). 

Once your application is started you may need assistance selecting your Medicare Prescription/Drug plan (Part D) and supplemental medical insurance.  If so, the Office on Aging & Disability Services SHIP Program can help. 

What you can learn at the Social Security Website:

  • Request information about enrolling for Medicare.
  • Apply online for your or your spouse’s retirement benefits.
  • Use a retirement age or earnings calculator.
  • Obtain information about the effect of a spouse’s early retirement.
  • Obtain information you need to apply for spouse or divorced-spouse benefits.
  • Request a Retirement Toolkit.
  • Request publications about retirement benefits or when to start receiving benefits.