Project Lifesaver

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Project Lifesaver, a nationally recognized program, is a joint effort between the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office and the Somerset County Office on Aging and Disability Services.

Project Lifesaver is a unique bracelet identification-tracking program for individuals prone to wandering and who have dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease or developmental disorders such as Autism or Down Syndrome. The program does not serve as a “sitter” but rather provides extra support to the caregiver and family to keep the loved one in the community.

Project Lifesaver uses a one ounce battery operated radio transmitter that emits an automatic tracking signal every second, 24 hours a day; each bracelet has a unique radio frequency. The Office on Aging and Disability Services staff conduct in-home assessments to determine appropriateness for program participation. The Sheriff’s K-9 Search and Rescue Unit are equipped with special tracking equipment that can receive each radio frequency up to about one mile. As soon as the person is missing, the caregiver immediately calls 911 and the task force is deployed to the point where the individual was last seen.

If you would like to speak to an Office on Aging and Disability Services Specialist call  908-704-6346 or toll free  888-747-1122.