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Disability Advocate Award Winners 2020

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Congratulations to our 2020 Disability Advocate Award Winners, Bonnie Brae & Cindy Onstead

The Somerset County Office on Aging and Disability Services recently selected winners of the 2020 Disability Advocates Awards. The Disability Advocates Awards acknowledge individuals, organizations and/or businesses that go above and beyond to ensure that people with disabilities in Somerset County are included fully in the life of the community.

The countywide call for nominations brought an enthusiastic response this year. In the end, the review committee chose one winner in the individual and one in the organization category.

Cindy Onstead was selected in the individual category and the Bonnie Brae as selected in the organization category.

Cindy was nominated for “outstanding service demonstrating significant impact in meeting the needs of Somerset County citizens with disabilities” for her work as a Care Manager at Tri-County CMO. Cindy has gone above and beyond to ensure her clients have the services, support, and opportunity to live their best lives.

Cindy not only supports her clients, but their families as well.  Cindy is described as being “a shoulder to cry on and a force of nature as she helped us navigate social service agencies.” “From interviews, assessments, paperwork, and countless team meetings Cindy was there with a kind and open heart.” 

For all these reasons, we are humbled to honor Cindy Onstead with the 2020 Individual Somerset County Disability Advocates Award.

For over 100 years Bonnie Brae has been one of the nation’s preeminent psychiatric residential treatment centers for at-risk adolescent males ages 8-21.   The staff at Bonnie Brae provide a safe place for young men to heal and learn through education, therapy, and relationship building.  Bonnie Brae has transformed the lives of over 12,000 young men in crisis.

Throughout the COVID pandemic the staff continues to provide their never ending compassion, creativity, and talent.  The clinical and educational teams used donations for activities to keep the youth busy and engaged while creating opportunities to maintain clinical goals and foster future growth. Their efforts showed when 16 young men graduated high school in June.

For all that Bonnie Brae does to improve the quality of life for young men with disabilities we are happy to honor them with a 2020 Somerset County Disability Advocate Award.