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Contract NumberTitleResponses DueStatus
RFQ-XS-0002-19Yoga ServicesNEW!12/21/2018Open
CY-COM-0007-19Municipal Alliance Strategic Planning Funding12/20/2018Open
AI-XS-0001-19- 3.1-3.7Somerset County Improvement Authority Contracts: 3.1 Authority Counsel , 3.2 Bond Counsel, 3.3 Bond Counsel, 3.4 Auditing and Accounting Services, 3.5 Consulting Energy Engineering Services, 3.6 Energy Bond Counsel Services, 3.7 Financial Advisor Services, 3.8 Underwriting Services11/21/2018Closed
PC-COM-0010-18Proprietary Upgrade and Maintenance/Support for GolfNow11/20/2018Closed
CY-XS-0015-19Underwriting Services11/20/2018Awarded
CY-XS-0006-19Auditing and Accounting Services 11/20/2018Awarded
CY-XS-0017-19Financial Advisor Services11/20/2018Closed
CY-XS-0008-19Bond Counsel Services11/20/2018Closed
CY-XS-0007-19Cost Allocation and Reporting Consultant Services to Prepare County-Wide Central Services Cost Allocation Plans and Indirect Cost Rate Proposals Based on 2017 Actual Costs11/20/2018Closed
PC-XS-0003-19Somerset County Park Commission: Public Relations Services, January – December 201911/08/2018Closed
PC-XS-0002-19Somerset County Park Commission: Health Benefits Consultant11/08/2018Closed
PC-XS-0006-19Somerset County Park Commission: Sound Production For 2019 Summer Concerts at Duke Island Park11/08/2018Closed
PC-XS-0005-19Somerset County Park Commission: Entertainment Consulting Services For 2019 Summer Concerts at Duke Island Park11/08/2018Closed
PC-XS-0004-19Somerset County Park Commission: Design of Promotional Materials, January – December 201911/08/2018Closed
PC-XS-0001-19Somerset County Park Commission: Professional Legal Services, 3.1 General Counsel, 3.2 Labor Counsel11/08/2018Closed
CY-XS-0002-17 3.1-3.92019 Professional Legal & Title Insurance Agencies Services11/02/2018Closed
CY-COM-0020-18RNew Jersey Licensed Physician to Serve as Public Health Medical Director10/25/2018Closed
CY-XS-0001-19Various Professional Engineering and Related Services for Somerset County for the Year 201910/23/2018Closed
CY-XS-0020-18-2Greater Raritan Workforce Investment Board Annual Report Production and Publishing09/21/2018Closed
CY-COM-0009-18 Q & ASenior Services Under the Somerset County Office on Aging and Disability Services Area Plan Contract 09/20/2018Closed
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