RFP Opportunities

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Contract NumberTitleResponses DueStatus
IA-XS-0001-20 - 3.1 - 3.7Somerset County Improvement Authority 3.1 Authority Counsel, 3.2 Bond Counsel, 3.3 Auditing and Accounting Services, 3.4 Consulting Energy Engineering Services, 3.5 Energy Bond Counsel Services, 3.6 Financial Advisor Services, 3.7 Underwriting Services11/22/2019Open
CY-COM-0007-20Municipal Alliance Strategic Planning Funding 11/22/2019Open
PC-XS-0003-20Somerset County Park Commission Public Relations Services January – December 202011/19/2019Open
PC-XS-0005-20Somerset County Park Commission Entertainment Consulting Services For 2020 Summer Concerts at Duke Island Park11/19/2019Open
PC-XS-0004-20Somerset County Park Commission Design of Promotional Materials January – December 202011/19/2019Open
PC-XS-0002-20Somerset County Park Commission Health Benefits Consultant11/19/2019Open
PC-XS-0001-20Somerset County Park Commission Professional Legal Services 3.1 General Counsel 3.2 Labor Counsel11/19/2019Open
PC-XS-0006-20Somerset County Park Commission Sound Production For 2020 Summer Concerts at Duke Island Park11/19/2019Open
CY-XS-0006-20Auditing and Accounting Services11/15/2019Open
CY-XS-0017-20Financial Advisor Services11/15/2019Open
CY-XS-0015-20Underwriting Services11/15/2019Open
CY-XS-0008-20Bond Counsel Services11/15/2019Open
CY-XS-0007-20Cost Allocation and Reporting Consultant Services to Prepare County-Wide Central Services Cost Allocation Plans and Indirect Cost Rate Proposals Based on 2018 Actual Costs11/15/2019Open
CY-XS-0002-202020 Professional Legal & Title Insurance Agencies Services11/07/2019Closed
CY-XS-9014-19Consultant Services for Somerset County Cultural & Heritage Commission Strategic Visioning Plan11/07/2019Closed
CY-COM-0056-20 Q & A #1American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Levels of Care Questions and Answers No. 111/01/2019Closed
CY-COM-0056-20American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Levels of Care Funding11/01/2019Closed
CY-COM-0055-20 Q & A #1SBIRT Implementation Training Funding, Questions and Answers No. 110/30/2019Closed
CY-COM-0055-20 ADDENDUM #1SBIRT Implementation Training Funding ADDENDUM #110/30/2019Closed
CY-COM-0055-20SBIRT Implementation Training Funding10/30/2019Closed
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