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Contract NumberTitleResponses DueStatus
CC-0020-20Tire Mounting & Dismounting02/11/2020Awarded
CC-0020-18Tire Mounting & Dismounting, Open Ended03/13/2018Awarded
CC-0006-16Tire Road Services, 24 Hour Emergency03/09/2016Awarded
CC-0006-20Tire Road Services, 24 Hour Emergency 02/13/2020Awarded
CC-0006-18Tire Road Services, 24 Hour Emergency, Open-ended 03/13/2018Awarded
PCC-9019-16Toro Groundsmaster 7210 TIV or Equivalent02/04/2016Awarded
PCC-9011-15Toro Sand Pro 5040 and Toro 7200 Z model 30495 or Equivalent04/16/2015Awarded
PCC-9018-16Toro Workman HDX Auto or Equivalent01/20/2016Awarded
CC-0069-14Towing Services07/24/2014Awarded
CC-0069-14-STowing Services09/23/2014Awarded
CC-0069-16Towing Services07/29/2016Awarded
CC-0069-18Towing Services08/02/2018Awarded
CC-0069-20Towing Services07/16/2020Awarded
CC-0099-19Traffic Control Signs, Supports & Hardware Devices Open End Contract 08/20/2019Awarded
CC-0099-15Traffic Control Signs, Supports, Hardware & Safety Devices08/11/2015Awarded
CC-0099-17Traffic Control Signs, Supports, Hardware & Safety, Devices08/16/2017Awarded
CC-0134-17Transportation & Disposal of Hazardous Waste from Somerset County’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection01/05/2017Awarded
CC-0134-20Transportation & Disposal of Hazardous Waste from Somerset County’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days, Somerset County02/05/2020Awarded
PCC-0023-14Tree Pruning & Removal - All Parks09/16/2014Awarded
CC-0004-18Uniforms - Various County Departments/Park Commission04/06/2018Awarded
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