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Contract NumberTitleResponses DueStatus
CC-0052-20Employees Retirement & Service Awards06/18/2020Closed
CC-0053-14-2Baling Wire for Recycling Program07/23/2014Awarded
CC-0053-15Baling Wire for Recycling Program01/22/2015Awarded
CC-0053-15-2Baling Wire for Recycling Program07/30/2015Awarded
CC-0053-16Baling Wire for Recycling Program02/04/2016Awarded
CC-0053-16-2Baling Wire for Recycling Program11/01/2016Awarded
CC-0053-17Baling Wire for Recycling Program05/09/2017Awarded
CC-0053-18Baling Wire for Recycling Program01/18/2018Awarded
CC-0053-18-2Baling Wire for Recycling Program08/07/2018Awarded
CC-0053-19Baling Wire for Recycling Program01/29/2019Awarded
CC-0053-20Baling Wire for Recycling Program01/15/2020Awarded
CC-0054-14Rock Salt (Bulk)09/16/2014Awarded
CC-0054-16Rock Salt (Bulk)09/01/2016Awarded
CC-0054-18Rock Salt (Bulk)09/20/2018Awarded
CC-0056-14Open End Projects as Needed, Two Year Contract Date Cable Installation & Related Services09/12/2014Awarded
CC-0056-16Open End, Projects as Needed, Two Year Contract, Data Cable Installation & Related Services09/01/2016Awarded
CC-0056-18Open End Data Cable Installation & Related Services09/18/2018Awarded
CC-0057-15Heavy Recovery Specialist, Towing, Storage & Related Services for the Prosecutor’s Office04/07/2015Awarded
CC-0057-18Heavy Recovery Specialist, Towing, Storage & Related Services for the Prosecutor’s Office07/18/2018Awarded
CC-0058-14Deer Carcass Removal09/18/2014Awarded
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