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Active Kennel

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K9 Diesel  

K-9 Diesel - Explosives Detection & Tracking
Officer Albert Bauer

Active Duty: June 1, 2014 - present

Officer Bauer and K-9 Diesel have been partners since 2014. They are trained in patrol and explosive detection. They attended both NJSP and Union County Sheriff’s Office for their K-9 training.

Diesel says...
NEVER wander away from your parents. Let your parents know where you are and where you are going. Think safe. Be safe.

K9 Apex

K-9 Apex - Narcotics Detection
Handler: Officer David Daneker

Active Duty: December 19, 2014 - present

Officer Daneker and K-9 Apex have been a Certified Canine team since 2014. Apex has been trained along with Officer Daneker to sniff and locate the presence of narcotics (and narcotics scented U.S. currency).

K-9 Apex has assisted numerous local, county, state and federal agencies in the war on drugs.

K-9 Apex wants you to know that drugs are very dangerous and if anyone asks you to do drugs you have to SAY NO, WALK AWAY & TELL AN ADULT!

K9 Billy

K-9 Billy - Accelerant Detection
Handler: Officer Albert Bauer

Active Duty: July 1, 2016 - present

K-9 Billy was donated by K-9 Soldiers, Inc., operated by J.T. Gabriel in Frenchtown. Billy was named in honor of Billy Manzio, who served in the U.S. Army and was a Vietnam War veteran. Billy is the county's first arson K-9, making Somerset County one of the few in New Jersey to have one.

Officer Bauer and K-9 Billy have been partners since 2016, certified in accelerant detection, which includes testing his ability to detect up to 10 different odors and seek them out. Billy is used to look for accelerants in suspicious fires. Intimidating at first with his ferocious bark, Billy is a true sweetheart who loves giving hugs and slobbery kisses.

K9 Basilone

K-9 Basilone - Patrol / Narcotics
Handler: Officer Shannon Snook

Active Duty: May 11, 2017 - present

K9 Officer Snook named her partner in honor of Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone (1916-1945) who was killed in action during WWII and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  Sgt. Basilone was the only Marine during WWII to receive both the Medal of Honor and Navy Cross.  K9 Basilone is a pure bred German Shepherd born in the Slovak Republic working under the direction of K9 Officer Snook.  He is certified in obedience responding to both verbal commands and hand signals.  K9 Basilone is certified in agility with the ability to surmount or overcome a variety of different obstacles likely to be confronted in the performance of duty.  K9 Basilone is certified in human scent tracking and capable of conducting searches to locate a suspect(s), missing person(s) or evidence within buildings and exterior areas of various terrains.  K9 Basilone is trained in handler protection with the ability to physically apprehend a suspect upon command. He is also dual trained and able to locate the presence of the odor of narcotics.

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