Specialty Units

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The Somerset County Jail has several units that are specialized in dealing with certain situations, a few are highlighted below.


In every Correctional Facility or on the street there is the potential for major disturbances. Although most situations can be handled by Officers and Supervisors, many cannot. When it is apparent that there may be a confrontation or condition developing that requires assistance, The C.R.T. unit may be called upon to handle correctional emergencies such as:
  • Forced cell moves
  • High risk prisoner escorts
  • High risk transportation
  • High risk court protection
  • Disturbances


Mission Statement
The Somerset County Jail is a crucial part of the sheriff’s office fight against gangs. Through intelligence received from the jail among the inmates, the Sheriff’s Office can identify the most recent trends, tattoos, and graffiti used by gang members enabling law enforcement to use these tools in the fight against gangs. The Gang Unit gathers intelligence on gang members and attempts to suppress the amount of gang activity in and around Somerset County as well as the Somerset County Jail.

Education & Training 
Gang awareness training is a critical part of the Sheriff's Office fight against gangs. Through training the Sheriff's Office can assist local law enforcement agencies as well as community groups and schools.

Unit Personnel may be reached at: (908) 231-7027 or  (908) 231-7149  


The Special Response Team was created in 1997 as a weapons / entry component for the Correctional Response Team. It was evolved into a team of 17 highly motivated tactical officers now known as the Special Response Team. The team is now a hybrid of Correctional and Sheriff's Officers. SRT is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of Somerset County buildings, properties, residents, and employees. They can assist other law enforcement agencies throughout the state with any type of emergency situation.

Team Capabilities:

  • Building Clearing
  • Crowd Control/Riots
  • High Tech Surveillance
  • High Risk Entries/Raids
  • Hostage Situations
  • VIP Security
  • High Risk Prisoner Transports
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Response
  • Hazardous Materials Incident Response
  • Project Life Saver Assistance
  • Search & Rescue


It is the policy of the Somerset County Sheriff's Office to accept and investigate all allegations of officer misconduct or wrongdoing from any citizen. This policy is followed in accordance with the New Jersey Attorney General's Internal Affairs Policy & Procedure, which must be adhered to by every police agency in the state. 2020 Jail statistics.