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You may apply for a U.S. Passport for International Travel at the Somerset County Clerk's Office.

APPLYING IN PERSON-  Use the Appointment App to book your passport application appointment.

 Please come prepared with the following items:

  1. Completed application, UNSIGNED. Please do NOT fill in 'Identifying Documents' information, the agent serving you will do so.
  2. Proof of American Citizenship
    •  A US Birth Certificate with a raised seal or certified copy of an original with a raised seal from Vital Statistics showing the names of BOTH parents reflected on either of those certificates
    • Previous valid or expired passport
    • Certificate of Naturalization/Citizenship, or record of birth abroad issued by the U.S. Department of State (original only)
    • A hospital certificate or baptismal certificate will NOT be accepted
  3.  One Photo
    • One front view color passport photo (2" x 2") with white or off white background
    • Less than 6 months old
    • Photos can be taken at our facility, fee is $10
  4. Identification-Primary ID - Please bring one of the following   
    • Driver's License (Not temporary or Learners Permit)
    • Valid US Passport
    • Government Employee ID
    • Military ID
    • Certificate of Naturalization
    • FAA Pilot's License
  5. Secondary ID - Please bring 3 of the following if you do not have a Primary ID   
    • Work ID (with photo & signature)
    • Government issued ID (i.e. state issued non-driver's ID)
    • Expired Driver's License
    • Student ID
    • If you do not have either a Primary or 3 forms of Secondary ID, a witness who has known you for two years or more must be present. (Make sure your witness has Primary ID)
  6. Fees- Passport Service Fee & County Processing Fee MUST be separate payments
    • Passport Book - 16 & older $110.00  

                                           Under 16 $80.00

    • Passport Card - 16 & older $30.00      

                                                        Under 16 $15.00

    • Passport Service Fee must be paid by check or money order ONLY and made payable to the US Dept. of State.
    • If traveling in less than 6 weeks, passports should be expedited. That fee is an additional $60.00. You can also have your passport overnighted back for an additional $15.89 made payable to the US Dept. of State.
    • County Processing Fee is $35 per applicant. Our office accepts cash, check or money order payable to the Somerset County Clerk.
    • Credit cards are NOT accepted at this facility.
    • If applying for a Passport Book & Card, the County Processing Fee will only be charged once.
  7. Minors
    • All minors must appear in person
    • Passports issued for children under the age of 16 will require the signatures of BOTH PARENTS. If a parent cannot attend, please have a consent form filled out. Please bring a photo copy of ID (front & back) that was presented to notary.
    • All minors must have their original birth certificate (with both parents names listed), even if a previous passport was issued which also must be submitted.

National Passport Center 1-877-487-2778

Passport Questions: 908-231-7008

Email Passport Questions:

For forms and additional information, please visit US Department of State