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In 2018, the State of New Jersey enacted changes to its Vote By Mail program.  Voters now have two options if they would like to Vote By Mail:

 1. All Future Elections:  Voters can automatically receive a ballot in the mail for all elections for which they are eligible.  No further applications are required, but please notify the Clerk if your mailing address changes.  Ballots will continue to be sent until you notify the Clerk in writing that you wish to withdraw from the program.  All voters who requested a ballot in November 2016 were enrolled in this category.

2. Single Election:  Voters can choose any election and have their ballot mailed or picked up at the Clerk’s office.  A new application is required for each election.

If you no longer wish to receive ballots by mail, please complete & submit this short form


You may apply for a Mail-In Ballot if you are a registered voter by completing an application and submitting it to this office either by mail or in person. A Mail-In Ballot Application by mail must be received in this office no later than 7 days prior to the election for which it is being requested. All Mail-In Ballot Applications received by mail will be processed in a timely manner and Mail-In Ballots will be mailed directly to the voter. Registered voters may apply in person or via authorized messenger for a Mail-In Ballot up until 3:00 P.M. of the day before the election. Those voters applying in person will be able to receive their ballot by hand upon submitting the application. Any voter may complete the bottom portion of the application and designate a messenger. A messenger may bring a Mail-In Ballot Application completed by the voter to the County Clerk’s office and pick up a Mail-In Ballot for that voter. The messenger will need to sign the application in front of the County Clerk or designee and show photo ID in order to pick up the ballot. The messenger must deliver the Mail-In Ballot directly to the voter.

Mail-In Ballot Application (English)
Solicitud de Boleta Para Votar por Correo (Spanish)


You may apply for a Mail-In Ballot if you are New Jersey resident who is a member of the Uniformed Services, Merchant Marine, Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. “Uniformed Services” include members of the United States Armed Forces (Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Family members of a military voter are also entitled to vote by mail. If you are a Military voter currently residing within the United States, please complete a Mail-In Ballot Application and mark the appropriate choice in the Special Status box on the application. If you are a Military voter currently residing outside the United States, please complete the Federal Post Card application to receive your Mail-In Ballot.

Federal Post Card Application


You may apply for a Mail-In Ballot for federal elections if you are a voter who is living outside of the United States and who was residing in New Jersey immediately prior to departure. In order to receive a federal ballot, the civilian overseas voter does not have to be a registered voter, but must have met the qualifications to register and vote in New Jersey prior to leaving the United States. The overseas civilian voter is entitled to a federal ballot whether or not the voter ever intends to return to the United States to reside. Federal Elections include all general, primary, and any special elections for candidates for the office of United States President and Vice-President, Presidential Electors, United States Senator and Member of the United States House of Representatives.

Federal Post Card Application

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