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Home Health Aide

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A Special Program For Disabled and Senior Residents

The Somerset County Board of Social Services provides Homemaker/Home Health Aide assistance to eligible county residents in need of this service because they are too seriously ill or too disabled to provide basic personal care for themselves.

The goal of this service is to:

  • Enable residents to remain independent in their own home.
  • Ease the demands on caregivers that are caring for an ill or disabled relative.
  • Provide an alternative to nursing home care as long as it is reasonably possible.
  • Services in Somerset County reinforce this commitment.
It is a basic goal of the service to help clients remain in the environment that is most comfortable to them for as long as reasonably possible.


Based upon the needs of the client a certified home health aide will be provided for a limited number of hours per week.

The home health aide will assist the client in performing essential “activities of daily living.”

These activities of daily living include:

  • Personal care (bathing, dressing, etc.)
  • Meal preparation
  • Assistance in feeding
  • Assistance in transferring in and out of bed or chair
  • Assistance in mobility around the home
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry


Eligibility for this program is based upon:

  • Medical need
  • Financial need

To qualify medically, a physician’s note is sent requesting a diagnosis, prognosis and a recommendation as to the activities of daily living (ADL) needed to ensure one’s safety in the home.

In addition, a social assessment is completed and a care plan is arranged with the applicant and family members.

To qualify financially, both assets and monthly income are evaluated. All eligible applicants are required to pay a cost share on a monthly basis. It is a minimal amount and it is based on monthly income and living arrangements.

Somerset County Board of Social Services pays the balance for this service.


Arrange for a social evaluation to determine the number of hours of service (maximum of 20) we can provide on a weekly basis.

These assessments will take into consideration all of the medical and practical needs of the client to ensure the level of care provided is the most helpful.

Ensure that the health aide service continues to meet the needs of the client through an ongoing assessment process.

This also involves making sure the health aide understands the particular needs of each client and that the personalities of the client and health aide blend well together.

Arrange for other agency and community services to assist and support the client and their family.

This can result in referrals to other agencies as needed to ensure the stated program goals are met.