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Pedestrian Safety

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MOTORISTS in New Jersey MUST stop for pedestrians in a marked crosswalk.
Tips for motorists:

  • Stop for pedestrians in marked crosswalks.
  • Watch for pedestrians when turning right on red
  • Obey speed limits
  • Do not block or park in crosswalks
  • Keep your windshield clean for maximum visibility
  • Be alert for pedestrian at all times

PEDESTRIANS MUST obey pedestrian signals and use crosswalks at signalized intersections.
Tips to be a Safe Pedestrian:

  • Always cross at corners, within marked crosswalks where available
  • Always cross perpendicular to the road never diagonally
  • If crossing in other locations, yield the right of way to vehicles.
  • Look left, right and left again before crossing. Watch for turning cars.
  • Always walk facing traffic
  • Obey traffic signals, especially “Walk/Don’t Walk.”
  • Remain alert! Don’t assume that drivers of approaching cars see you
  • Never take your eyes off the vehicles as they near you. If you’ve underestimated
  • the speed of the car and the driver can’t see you, this could have a tragic result.
  • Wear reflective clothing when walking at night
  • Stay sober. Walking while impaired greatly increases your chances of being struck.

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