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Internal Affairs Unit

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The Internal Affairs Unit of the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office is charged with the responsibility to conduct all internal investigations within the prosecutor’s office. These investigations might include complaints against detectives, legal staff or support staff of this office.

The unit also oversees all internal affairs investigations from each of the county’s 19 municipal police departments and sheriff’s department. Additionally, the unit works cooperatively with local internal affairs officers in cases where serious allegations of improper conduct are alleged against local police. The Internal Affairs Unit also conducts independent investigations countywide.

The Internal Affairs Unit investigates all incidents of weapon discharges by police as well as all police pursuits which result in injuries to vehicle operators or bystanders. In addition, at the direction of the county prosecutor, the unit also conducts police policy and procedure reviews of each of the 19 municipal police departments within Somerset County.

The unit is comprised of one full-time detective who works directly for the chief of county detectives. In addition to internal affairs matters, the detective is also tasked with training other law enforcement officers at both the recruit and in-service levels.