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Administrator Chief Thomas White, Ret.

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The Administrative Division of the Prosecutor's Office consists of 32 authorized support staff.

Description of the functions of the unit.

The mission of the Administrative Division of the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office is one of support, assistance and the facilitation of logistical, material and personnel services to the Legal and Investigative Divisions so that they may ensure the effective, efficient, and uniform enforcement of the criminal laws and the administration of criminal justice throughout Somerset County.

The Division’s responsibilities include:

  • management of the clerical, secretarial and support staff in addition to computer systems management. Annually, more than 81,000 pages of discovery are processed, 1,600 adult complaints typed and each secretary types upwards of 6,700 reports, statements and letters;
  • policies and directives development;
  • data entry;
  • purchasing, over 1,500 purchase orders are processed annually;
  • budgeting, development and administration of an $8 million + budget;
  • grant management – procured and coordinated grant funding of over $3.0 million to date;
  • management of the seized, forfeited, petty cash and confidential fund accounts;
  • pre-employment screening and background investigations, fleet vehicle management;
  • liaison to the County Police Chiefs/Directors and Educational Community;
  • logistical support for the Legal and Investigative Divisions; and
  • coordination of Community Justice Programs.

The Administrative Division has had numerous accomplishments which included the upgrading of office telephones, computers and laptops, cell phones (at no cost), office furniture, office equipment, photocopiers, fax machines, the installation of Promis Gavel on PC’s and the initiation of the Electronic Complaint Filing System. Additional accomplishments were Municipal Police Department Law Enforcement Trust Account/forfeiture fund audits, Municipal Police Department efficiency studies and operational audits, and the Annual Law Enforcement and Public Safety Community Day. Installation of high density shelving in storage areas, the renovation of the Evidence Unit and the implementation of handheld PDA’s or Blackberries that allow access to emails while in the field as well as cell phone service. Commanders of key enforcement and investigation units have been provided Mobile Data Terminal capabilities on their Blackberries allowing them access to CJIS, NCIC and motor vehicle records while in the field.

Future initiatives include the upgrading of the RMS or Records Management System known as INFOSHARE.

The Administrative Division also serves as the liaison to other County agencies, such as the Facilities & Services Department, Purchasing, Human Resources, Vehicle Maintenance, MIS Department, Printing & Graphics, Public Information, Finance Departments and the Board of County Commissioners.

First and foremost, the Administrative Division prides itself on the prompt response to inquiries and timely resolution of office problems and issues.

The Evidence Unit is also a part of the Administrative Division. Its responsibilities include the retention, securing and submission of evidence for laboratory analysis. All weapons seized by local police departments in the County in matters relating to Domestic Violence incidents are retained, returned or destroyed by the Evidence Unit as directed by Court Order.