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  • How can I Register to Vote?

  • Do I need to bring ID with me to register?

  • If I do not include the appropriate ID with my mailed in registration, will I still be able to vote?

  • Can I register my child attending college?

  • Can a voter application be mailed to my residence?

  • How do I change or declare a party affiliation?

  • How can I find my polling location?

  • How long are the polls open on Election Day?

  • How do I become a poll worker?

  • Do I have to be trained to be a poll worker?

  • What time do I have to report for work?

  • Will I get a lunch and/or dinner break?

  • What if I’ve been assigned to work, but something comes up last minute that prohibits me working?

  • What type of voting machine is used in Somerset County?

  • Are the Somerset County voting machines suitable for handicapped individuals?

  • In the event of a power outage can the voting machines still operate?

  • How are the voting machines tested?

  • How are recorded votes stored?

  • Can I write in a candidate not shown on the ballot?

  • How can I confirm the selection I made on the voting machine?