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Challenger Information

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  • A Challenger is a person appointed to observe the conduct of an election on behalf of:

A candidate,

A political party or,

The proponents or opponents of a question

  • A challenger's role in an election is established by Title 19 of the New Jersey State Statutes.
  • Challengers have a legal right to be at the polling location to record voters' names and party declarations. 


  • Challengers must be registered voters in Somerset County, not necessarily in the district or municipality in which they are appointed.
  • Appointment papers for Challengers must be filed with the County Board of Elections by the 2nd Tuesday before the election.
  • Every candidate is entitled to two (2) Challengers in each district in which he/she is a candidate.

Request Form:

  • When filling out the Somerset County Challenger Badge/Certificate Request Form, candidates must use the legal name and correct address of Challengers as well as the district number in which they will serve. (For example; please use Richard instead of Rich or Elizabeth instead of Liz).

On Election Day:

  • A Challenger must wear the Challenger Badge at all times while in the polling place.
  • When a Challenger enters a polling place, the Challenger is required to give the poll workers his or her Certificate of Appointment.
  • Challengers sit at an adjacent table to the poll workers and may not challenge a voter directly. A challenge must be done through a poll worker.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • We have provided a Challengers Do's and Don'ts list for a quick reference as to what can and cannot be done at the polling location.

Challengers Guide:

  • We provide a Challengers Guide that has been designed to familiarize Challengers with their basic responsibilities. The integrity of elections is a concern of all citizens, and although Challengers may represent particular candidates, political parties or specific questions, their main interest is in the conduct of a fair and honest election.
  • This guide is for general reference only. Any specific inquiries as to the application of the Challenger statutes and law should be addressed to individual legal counsel.