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Youth Program

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A Community Leadership Program for High School Youth

Youth Leadership Somerset is a nine-month program for high school students who live in Somerset County. This program aims to build an active, educated, and involved network of young people who are empowered to guide the future of this community.

Youth Leadership sessions are held one Saturday a month from September through May, and typically include presentations by community leaders, discussion, small group challenges, and interactive programming such as site visits or walking tours.

As part of this unique opportunity, students participate in dynamic and engaging sessions designed with two goals in mind: 

Exploration of current issues in Somerset County.

Each session, students are given the opportunity to learn from leaders in our community. Over the course of the program year, sessions focus on the environment, mental health, law enforcement, emergency response, housing, economic development, recycling, local government, justice, healthcare, and culture.

Personal development designed to build leadership skills.

Students contemplate who they aspire to be as people and as citizens in our community. They are also challenged to consider how they can utilize their gifts and talents to contribute to the world around them.


Youth Leadership Somerset will challenge you to think about new ideas, enable you to form connections with peers and mentors, and inspire your community involvement for years to come. Fill out an application to become a part of this exciting leadership experience!


Former Youth Leadership Somerset participants have said:

“Youth Leadership Somerset has been a wonderful place to ponder important economic and social questions. The sessions have been filled with discovery and growth.”

“I have a greater understanding of how to get involved in my community.”

“Connecting and learning from people who are different than me has made me a better person.”


For answers to logistical questions about this program and the application process, please visit the FAQ section of this webpage.

For questions about Youth Leadership Somerset, email the program staff at or  call :

Melania Tchir, Youth Leadership Somerset Administrative Assistant, (732) 469-3363
(an employee of Somerset County Recycling Division)

Theresa Hanntz, Youth Leadership Somerset Lead Facilitator, (908) 203-6084
(an employee of Somerset County Administrator's Office)


 Youth Leadership Somerset Class of 2016-2017