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In Their Own Words

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Leadership Somerset alumni say this about their program experience:


"Leadership Somerset pushed me to push my comfort zone a bit." -- Class of 2019 program fellow


"I really enjoyed reading Positive Leadership [the leadership skills curriculum used in the program] and found that it really inspired me to work on my personal leadership skills. It also made me realize that I do have the ability and traits necessary to make a great leader." -- Class of 2019 program fellow


"The Leadership Somerset program is extremely well-run and we learned about most aspects of the county through field stips and excellent speakers!" -- Class of 2019 program fellow

“If you want to know what the issues and challenges are facing Somerset County, if you want to know how things operate in Somerset County, if you want to grow as an individual and develop leadership skills alongside other like-minded individuals, then this is where you need to be.”


"All Somerset County leaders – or would- be leaders – should experience the Leadership Somerset program.  Whether you are new to the area, or have lived in Somerset County your entire life, there is an abundance of information, opportunities for personal and professional growth, and experiences to have by being a part of this innovative program.”


“I am 56 years old, have a successful career and family life, and I thought I knew most of the “important things.” This program opened my eyes to a world I did not know existed.  It was quite simply one of the most enlightening experiences I’ve had – I don’t know where else I would have got the opportunity to visit the different places, meet various people/leaders, etc.”


“Leadership Somerset was a great opportunity for me as a young professional.  I was able to learn about so many aspects of Somerset County and what it has to offer.  It encouraged me to learn and think critically about the community we live in. The leadership skills provided a lifelong lesson on how important good leadership is.”


“This has been a crash course for a first generation immigrant as myself on how the various arms (aspects – not sure what word) of government work from the inside and what they do (or not do) for us and how WE can make an impact.”