LAND RECORDINGS - The Office of the County Clerk is responsible for the filing and recording of all documents affecting real property ownership and transfer within Somerset County, including deeds, mortgages, and their related documents, as well as tax liens. This office houses a Records Room that is open to the public. All documents are available for public inspection and retrieval. Although by law the staff cannot conduct a title search, they will familiarize the public with the computerized recording and indexing system. The Constitutional Officers Association of New Jersey offers a comprehensive recording reference manual that contains recording requirements including statutory references, tax calculations, recording fees, explanation of acknowledgments as well as a glossary of terms.

Click here for more information on the COANJ reference manual

FEES – The following recording fees are effective as of June 1, 2010. Please make all checks payable to: Somerset County Clerk.                                            

Deed, Right of Way, Easement, Final Judgment
  First Page $43.00
  Each Additional Page  $10.00
Lease Agreement $30.00
Mortgage, Power of Attorney, Tax Sale Certificate, Restrictive Covenant, Claim of Lien
  First Page $33.00
  Each Additional Page $10.00
Assignment of Mortgage, Assignment of Leases & Rents  
  First Page $40.00
  Each Additional Page $10.00
Discharge, Satisfaction, Release, Release of Partial Mortgage, Postponement, Subordination, Redemption
Of Tax Sale Certificate
First Page $43.00
Each Additional Page $10.00
  Additional Book & Page  Notation Each $10.00 
Notice of Settlement (two parties) $20.00  
Notice of Settlement (three parties)   $40.00  
Notice of Settlement Discharge $25.00  
Contract of Sale                        
  First Page $30.00
Each Additional Page $10.00
Cancellation (Mortgage and Tax Sale Certificates) $23.00 
  Additional Book & Page $23.00 
Subdivision Maps (per page)     $55.00  
Federal Tax Lien & Release of  Federal Tax Lien $25.00  
  Inheritance Tax Waiver $15.00 
Disclaimer    $15.00  
Construction Lien, Construction Notice of Unpaid Balance $15.00
Discharge of Construction Lien Claim $20.00
Discharge of Construction Lien by Bond $25.00 
Lis Pendens to Foreclose Mortgage $40.00
Lis Pendens Other $33.00
First Page $10.00
Each Additional Page $10.00
Discharge of Lis Pendens $40.00


For additional information regarding Land Recording, Call the Somerset County Clerk’s Office at (908) 231-7007