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2015 Recycling Collection Schedule
(Following are updates to the curbside collection schedule in 3 townships.)

In order to better serve the residents of Bridgewater, Franklin and Hillsborough Townships, the following adjustments have been made to curbside recycling pickups on certain streets within the townships:

Bridgewater Township:
Effective Tuesday, July 14, recycling pickups on 41 roads in the northern portion of Bridgewater will be on Tuesdays, instead of Wednesdays: Arnold Place, Birch Drive, Blossom Drive, Brown Road, Buchman Court, Cambridge Lane, Cardinal Lane, Catalpa Drive, Colonial Way, Concord Drive, Coriell Drive, Cushing Drive, Dogwood Drive, Donna Court, Elm Drive, Evergreen Drive, Frohlin Drive, Hamilton Lane, Hemlock Drive, Hunter Road, Lakeview Drive, Long Road (Washington Valley Road to Bernards Township), Magnolia Drive, Mark Drive, Neskell Drive, North Shore Drive, Papen Road (Brown Road to dead end), Peach Tree Road, Ricky Drive, Roger Avenue, Rosemary Drive, Route 206 Northbound (Brown Road to Bedminster Township), Russett Lane, Shadow Oak Lane, Sky High Terrace, Sky Hill Road, South Shore Drive, Sunset Drive, Timberline Drive, Walcutt Drive, and Washington Valley Road (Crim Road to Bedminster Township). Read More

Franklin Township:
Effective Friday, March 13, recycling pickups for residents living in the Canal Walk and Somerset Run developments will be on Fridays, instead of Thursdays. Read More

Effective Monday, April 6, recycling pickups for residents living in the Society Hill I, Society Hill II and Beacon Hill at Somerset developments in Franklin Township will be on Mondays, instead of Fridays. Read More . Read More

Effective Monday, July 13, recycling pickups for residents living in Franklin Township on the following roads will be on Mondays, instead of Fridays: Balboa Lane, Cabot Way, Canoe Lane, Cartier Drive, Champlain Way, Claremont Road, Cobblers Circle, Columbus Drive, Conservancy Court, Decaire Lane, Delar Parkway, De Leon Circle, Desoto Drive, Diaz Court, Garretson Drive, Hoagland Place, Hudson Court, Magellan Way, Marco Polo Court, Mine Brook Lane, Old Stage Road, Pleasant Plains Road, Raleigh Way, Route 27 (between Claremont and South Middlebush roads), Timberhill Drive, Verrazano Drive, Yardley Court and Yorkshire Road. Read More

Hillsborough Township:
Effective Monday, March 16, recycling pickups on 28 roads in the western portion of Hillsborough Township will be on Mondays, instead of Tuesdays. Read More

Effective Monday, July 20, recycling pickups on 26 roads in Hillsborough Township will be on Mondays, instead of Tuesdays: Amwell Road (between East Mountain and River roads), Boozer Lane, Clawson Avenue, Deer Path, East Mountain Road (between South Branch and Amwell roads), Equator Avenue, Fellen Place, Hall Avenue, Mill Lane, Norz Drive, Peters Terrace, Rigger Court, River Road (between Amwell and South Branch roads), Riverside Drive, South Branch Road (between River and East Mountain roads), Wagner Lane, 1st Street, 2nd Street, 3rd Street, 4th Street, 5th Street, 6th Street, 7th Street, 8th Street, 9th Street and 10th Street. Read More

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